Thyroid condition.?

I have had a thyroid condition for 4 years. I have never seen an Endocrinologist and my family doctor has never told me to see one. Should I go to see an Endo doctor, or should I just stay on the same regimine I’ve been on for the past 4 years?


  • icddppl

    If what you’re doing now is working – stay on it! Since it takes the thyroid so long to adjust to changes, if you see an endocrinologist and he changes anything you’ll feel terrible and it may not even be the best change. I’ve had hypothyroidism for years and have never seen anyone but my regular doctor.

  • Debaser

    maybe you should cause thyroid problems can mess w/ your weight and make you fat i think.
    look up thyroid problems on the internet and check into it.

  • gifted

    You need iodine

  • pascal

    i too am a hypo thyroid, am with an endocrinologist. as it is there is not much problem coz being on thyrox or eltroxin is a replacement therapy n usually goes unomplicated . but yes thyroid cud sometimes be associated with other problems as well, which need investigation .you cud one it’l do u gud, then may continue with ur family doc.


    Honey, the tyroid is nothing to mess with!! My neice, had "Graves Desease" which is affiliated with the thyroid.. She saw a doctor, and diagnosed her with this desease.. She was also given, medicine for it… She’d had a weight problem since she was young, we later found out it was because of this same desease.. Lo’ & behold, none of us realized how important it was for her to take her medicine, and none of us really even knew that much about the desease, so we didn’t think much of it.. Including her.. she got to where she started dating a young-man, and started slacking about taking her medicine.. My neice, was staying with her only sybling at the time, and was working for the first time, in her life, her first boyfriend, she was 19 when her sister, found her "Dead" on her couch… They all tried to revive her, by doing CPR, on her , while they waited for the paramedics to come.. with no success….. Poor Shavon, passed, away, if August of 2001.. She was an "Angel" and she is very missed by us all !! So, please, for me, go see a doctor, and if he tells you its "Graves desease" take your medicine very seriously!! Dont miss a single dosage, please!!! I’ll say a prayer for you!! Be good to you, for us all here on yahoo!! Smile, and call the doctor!!! Dont put it off any longer,please!!

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