thyroid condition?

Okay…my mom, 2 sisters, a grandma, grandpa nad aunt all have thyroid conditions. I had mine tested last june and it came back normal. I am still experiencing the same symptoms and they are getting worse. My hair is getting more fine and falling out. Im constantly tired and have no energy. Ive been having loose stools almost everytime i eat for the last couple of weeks. I also am losing weight although I have not changed my eatting habits.

Is it time to get my thyroid checked again or could it be something else? Any Advice?


  • Lisa A

    Yes, you should have your thyroid checked again, and this time, you should actually have your THYROID checked. What I mean by that is get free T3 and free T4 tests. TSH isn’t a thyroid hormone. It’s a pituitary hormone. Measuring TSH is only an indirect, second hand way to GUESS at what your thyroid hormone levels are. If you are having symptoms, then you need the real thyroid tests.

  • Sounds like hyperthyroidism.
    By all means get it checked. You might want to have a different doc look at the results, though.

  • christhescribe

    Yes, see your doctor with an open mind. The symptoms you describe are very nonspecific, and may take a couple visits to figure out. Tell your doctor everything you feel. Have your thyroid checked, but keep in mind, your doctor may think of other problems to rule out. If you go to your doctor with a set diagnosis in your head, you undermind his thought process and how he can help you. Good Luck!

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