think i suffer from anxiety/health anxiety?


i feel like i have anxiety when it comes to health, i feel like i’m always constantly worrying about my health and wellbeing. i had dizzy spells a couple months ago which lasted about 10 days and went away, then came back slightly the next month and went away, then it came back bad again this month for about 10 days then went away (i figured it could be a PMS tihng as every time i’ve experienced it my period has followed shortly after, but because my period still hasnt come this month ive started worrying about it) i also feel like ive got a bad headache – kind of dull ache/pain at the back of my head top of the neck – but it only hurts badly when i apply pressure, i also experienced some weird shooting pains in the left side of my head last night when trying to sleep and got myself in a right panic over it. ive been stressing about my head constantly for like 2 weeks now and worrying theres sometihng wrong, when i know what i’m experiencing can all just be brought on by anxiety. i feel like my head actually feels fine if im not thinking about it, i kind of feel like its only when i start thinking about it that it gets bad.

what should i do? go to the doctors about my head? or go to the doctors about anxiety?
i constantly have sometihng to worry about when it comes to health.

when i was experiencing the lightheadedness i had an ECG and a blood test but all came back negative, but recently ive started panicking its soemthing wrong with my head, although i do tihnk that if this was the case my symptoms would have been on-going rather than coming and going.

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