The Obesity – Cancer link

I know we do not want to hear this but I am going to be blunt….research has shown a link between obesity and cancer.
Yes I know it is an uncomfortable truth but something we have to face and  basically accept the truth that sits before us.

Obesity is a frequently overlooked factor that can contribute to an increased cancer risk and if you were unaware of this then You are forgiven  as most people are completely unaware of this link.
Noted in the December 2014 edition of the Journal of Clinical, Oncology obesity is “quickly overtaking tobacco as the leading preventable cause of cancer.”
A number of studies have linked obesity to an increased risk for about a dozen different cancers, including cancer of the colon, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, prostate, and breast.
On their “Obesity Fact Sheet”, even the National Cancer Institute estimates that over 84,000 cancer cases each year are a result of obesity.
While this is an uncomfortable conversation for all of us, it’s one that we HAVE
to have and one that we need to address as a priority to lose those excess pounds that have piled up over the years.

If you fall into this category then it is worth looking at a good quality weight loss supplement  and that would be our recommendation .
The metabolic Fire supplement formulated By Dr Dean Raffelock is a quality supplement.
Here is why……

Dr. Dean is one of the country’s leading supplement formulators and he’s seen tens of thousands of patients to experience first hand how these nutrients work.
In addition, he’s studied 1000s of “before and after” nutritional lab tests looking at the first-hand impact of his protocols.
There is a lot of “junk” in the supplement world ….. but Metabolic Fire isn’t one of them.
Dr. Dean isn’t a white coat formulator who has no patient experience. He’s worked 1-on-1 with tens of thousands of patients.
Dr Dean is the real deal and I am happy to be able to recommend him and his

Metabolic Fire supplement to those that are carrying those few extra pounds (or a lot of extra pounds) and want to reach optimal health.
But listen, don’t take my word for it.
You have to do your own research here and make up your own mind.
Once you’ve done it, I think you’ll agree with me that it’s a great product
with sound research.
As one of my subscribers I feel that You don’t just take the mainstream “medical advice” without doing a little research yourself and finding the best answer for you.
That is a quality I encourage in my students. Do your own research and make up your own mind and I don’t want you to approach my advice any differently.
Take a few minutes, check out what Dr. Dean has to say here in his video and if it
rings a few bells with you, give it a try.
And if it doesn’t do it for you then hopefully you’ve at least learned something new that
you may not have known when you woke up this morning 🙂
Go here and read all about it

to your health