symptoms of having a thyroid problem?

my mom is riding me about how she thinks i have a thyroid problem.. i recently posted a question about my hair falling out and someone replied saying it could be a thyroid problem..
so that got me thinking.
basically.. i’m cold all the time. i wear sweaters in the summer time! normally my fingernails turn blue and i shiver. it sucks. i’m always sitting in class with my teeth chattering while the person next to me is wearing shorts!

what do you think?

The Hypothyroidism Revolution here


  • ♥ Shortstuff ♥

    Instead of your mom riding you about possibilty having Thyroid problems, ask her to please make an appointment for you with your family doctor. She should have done so sooner. He will order bloodwork that is specially tested to check for any & all thyroid problems. There are two types of Thyroid conditions: (1) Hyperthyroidism (2) Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed with "Hypothyroidism" many years ago. I am always cold, my skin is dry, & I lose hair when I wash it but not that much. I am on Synthroid daily, which is a small tablet. The dosage is figured according to how the bi yearly bloodwork turns out. As I get older, I have to have the dosage increased once in a while, but no biggie. It may not be a thyroid problem. It could be a circulatory problem, so you need to see a doctor right away for a correct diagnosis.

  • Nibblet

    I think you are anemic. You need to eat more vegetables, and protein. Make sure to take your vitamins, and go to the doctor, and get your blood checked.

    by the way, I have thyroid problems, and my symptoms were: extreme fatigue, weight gain, depression…

  • ibetheboogins

    You definitely need to get it checked out. It’s a simple blood test, no biggie.

    It could be a thyroid issue, or possibly even a vitamin deficiency. Testing will help determine which one.

  • Lauren s

    My mom thought i was having a thyroid problem last year. I was always cold too. And another symptom is having difficulties with gaining weight(its so hard to be the right size for me) Also, i have SUPER thin hair that seems to be super fragile, which is another symptom, and there were other things i forgot…but i was tested and i didnt have but a small problem. But yeah, you should get tested.

  • Ram D

    For this you should g for proper check up and side by side you should ask the doctor should I deworm by stomach, chattering of teeth during day time shows weakness in the body and if during summer you are putting. It all seems that there is infction in the body some where so get it tested first and treatment is no problem.

  • blondebengali72

    People that have thyroid conditions are usually very tired, and also cold..which is the cause of bad blood circulation. I have a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism and I’m always tired, and cold, and have thin hair, but not balding!! I would go to your doctor and share your concerns. I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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