stomache and nausea natural health remedies?

Lately i’ve been having stomach issues.
I am usually nasuseated a lot at night no matter what I eat and I sometimes often get a stomach ache in the upper area in the middle.Its not a sharp pain just a aching pain.

I’m not sick nor do I think i have any viral issues because its happening often.

im not pregnant nor using drugs.

cant see a doc for a while.wondering what kind of digestive/intestinal issue this might be.

I also have anxiety lots of the time.could this be the reason?


  • Danielle Deception

    you could have stomach ulcers I had them all the time(stress related and food), they don’t always cause sharp pains. and if you have anxiety that can be a big reason behind them. I recently became a vegetarian for several reasons and one being its supposed to help with stomach issues but when I did get them I had to take an medication from the doctor. Or also like me some foods might bother you even if they didn’t before your body often changes and you can suddenly be allergic to food you weren’t before. Write down what you eat for a few days and see if that has anything to do with your stomach problems. but if it gets to be to bad its a good idea to see a doctor

    Good luck!

  • krystal b

    Anything with ginger in it will help with the nausea.

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