STD – Warts natural remedy's?

My mate has just told me he has genital warts, and they are becoming uncomfortable and unsightly. His religon prevents him from going to the doctor. And does not like people seeing his genitals (he has sexytime in the dark)

He was wondering if anyone has any natural recipes that he could use to get rid of them?

He also has the ‘Itch’

He feels bad aswell


  • M.D. Ester Wilkinson

    you must tell your friend this:
    " if you have genital warts – you MUST get rid of them as soon as it is possible because genital warts are very contagious!!

    and if you really want to get rid of genital warts forever then you should know that you can remove genital warts by surgery, freezing, laser, acid or cream but genital warts can reappear again and again because genital warts appears when your immune system is weak!

    HPV is the virus that causes genital warts. People can be infected with HPV and never show any symptoms. Others will develop genital warts. These warts can stay the same size, grow, or go away on their own. It largely depends on the infected person’s immune system. A healthy immune system means your body may be able to suppress the virus and not show symptoms.

    Even after the warts go away, the person will always remain infected with HPV. That person can spread the virus even without showing symptoms.

    so you must build up your immune system because your body can get rid of genital warts by itself if your immune system will be strong! so eat more healthy food, more vitamins and more sport activities! (No smoking, no beer/ale, no booze, no drugs, no junk food, no fast food garbage, no sugary sweet soda’s. Get on a good, balanced, healthy diet including plenty of boiled or steamed vegetables.
    Drink P L E N T Y O F W A T E R , fruit juices & fat free milk. Snack on lots of RAW fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early every morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk – then – do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Make sure you eat a good, balanced breakfast daily. You get your energy for the day from your breakfast meal. Get 8 hours sleep each night. Flip your mattress over so it will level out to give you a good night’s rest. Slack off too much coffee & tea)

    also you must use herbal treatment because you can not always live 100% healthy…!!!

    in that case Wartrol is really good (probably the best) product that gets rid of genital warts comparatively fast and makes you feel more confident knowing that they wont reappear again! It works by stimulating your immune system to fight the HPV virus that causes the warts + it helps to prevent cervical, penile, anal and etc cancer because HPV virus in 70% cases cause cancer!!!

    and of course it is better if you use full course (5 months – if I remember correctly).

    It worked very fast and still works for me because I do not have genital wart outbreaks anymore and my papsmear is still normal!!!

    I do not know if any pharmacies carry Wartrol but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

    The advantage of Wartrol over other natural treatments for genital warts is that, since it is taken orally, it also acts on invisible and internal genital warts that CAN NOT BE treated by other creams and natural remedies.

    good luck!

    Working in women’s health – Gynecologist + personal experience

  • ILikeTacoAndBurrito

    His Religion won’t let him go to a doctor but it lets him have enough promiscuous sex to get an STD?

  • Jesse J

    Stop having sex with dirty chicks.

  • He needs to have the warts frozen off, so if he doesn’t like seeing Drs he has a dilemma.

    I suggest his God will turn a blind eye to him getting the treatment he needs

  • G lady09'

    Aint no such a thang of a natural remedy for some dam* genital warts..He NEEDS to go to the doctor and you NEED to leave his dirty as* alone…That is just nasty…What kind of religion doesnt understand that god blessed us with doctors to help heal us they are gods helpers…Put it to him that way and maybe he will go…if not you need to let him go…cause you WILL get them too

  • Andii

    First..ANYONE CAN GET AN STD (thats for all the self-righteous freaks out there)..
    Second, they need to be frozen off or burned off with an acid the Dr.s use for that particular ailment.
    Most importantly, our Deities do not want us to suffer – humans were given the capacity by Deity to learn about and use medicine and medical treatment for a reason – to help others!
    Get medical treatment, you won’t go to hell for it – humans may be that petty, Deities are not.
    Hope this helps. God Bless

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