should i go out tonight?

i feel like sh!t, im tired, etc, the only thing i have with caffeine is dr pepper (are there any cocktails u can suggest with that?) or pro plus (ie the caffeine tablets which make me jittery, i said i would meet an acquaintance that was leaving for six years in jan so i wont see them again er, for a while. what do i do? anything you can suggest to help me get out tonight? or should i forget about it? cocktails get me out usually btw so all suggestions welcome. maybe caffeine needed?
yahoo wanted to put this in hockey wtf??


  • Matthew B

    Two coffees and a few cocktails that should get your juices flowing.

  • *M*@*C* (8 days till Christmas)

    drink lots of coke and dr pepper etc….

  • Halle H

    NO! ur krazy

  • fareisha20

    Just stay in this weekend. Maybe ask them around to yours instead?

    Or have a cold shower. Not freezing but enough to wake you up a bit. it works for me. The toughest part is getting the energy to get in the shower in the first place.

    LOL at your additional details. They always suggest random categories for my questions too.

  • lokines

    you know what go out… have fun.. and you won’t even feel tried if you’re having fun.
    if you are of legal drinking age then to keep yourself awake drink Red Bull and Vodka, Coke N Rum stay away from beer, usually makes people sleepy.
    Shooters like red head slut, jolly ranger, will also help a bit since they are high in sugar, but don’t drink too much or you will pass out
    if your underage just red bull or coke should do the trick.
    Just make sure to designate a driver if you drink
    cause drinking and driving don’t go together!!

  • Jenna :)

    Either invite them round or go out with them. Have a very cold shower and drink some cold coke to wake you up, maybe have a quick nap before doing this.


    Do you have a chance of hooking up with this long time acquaintance? If so then it may be worth it to get out there….throw back a couple vodka redbulls, a couple jager bombs and youll be aaaaaallll right!

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