Setting Goals on Your Education

As a new batch of students arrive in their first year and we move into our course on personal development one of the earlier topics we talk about are setting goals.


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We identify SMART GOALS

To a very large extent, setting educational goals is an easy task. The daunting task lies on sticking to the goals that you have so set. It is important to set goals that are attainable. Goals that you can live up to once that lead you to a solid future.


The first step of setting educational goals is to be specific. You should not generalize the goals but rather be specific and to the point. For example do not talk of that you want to graduate in less than three years but rather on a specific note talk of how you plan to graduate in the three years.


Another thing is to make the goals achievable. Do not set up goals that go beyond the time that you already have. For example if you are working on a full time basis and you have fore example a family that you are supporting it may not be realistic to say that you want to graduate in 3 years. But if you talk of four years, this may sound achievable.

English: Picture I made for my goals article

English: Picture I made for my goals article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The goals should also be realistic. It may not make for example for you to say that you want to be an actuary while you are very poor in mathematics or you do not like Math. The goals that you set should augur well with what you are capable of doing. If you are not ready to undertake what achieving your goal will entail then consider not setting this goal. Having knowledge of this well in advance will help you from going out of track.


The goals that you set for yourself should also be jotted down. Keeping them in your mind to some extent may be dangerous. When they are written down you are sure of not forgetting them. Put them in a place that you are able to see them every other day. This ensures that you are abreast with them and that you do not deviate. Your goals should be measurable. You should be ableto measure your achievement as you move forward.

It is important to also mention to someone else that goals that you have set. This way you will have someone who always be asking how you are doing. If you have someone who knows your goals you will in some way feel the compulsion to complete your education.


You should also take time to undertake research of the educational goal that you want to set up for yourself. This is important to ensure that you are setting attainable goals.


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