science topics with natural remedies help!!!?

I need to write an essay on the effect of a natural herb or animal. An example is that a fly is immune to the many diseases it carries. I would research the bacteria that immunizes the fly from the diseases like malaria. Another is Honey which has been known to be a good natural remedy. Those topics have been taken though. It is sort of a research paper. I need some ideas. Thanks


  • Duncan M

    Dr. Gumiel DSc, a researcher working on Project Genesis for The World Development Organization, studied longevity in enhanced magnetic fields. In testing 23 different species of insects, he found he could increase their life span 5 times on average, as opposed to the control group. He was also able to increase the life span of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.

    Garlic is probably the most powerful antibiotic known to man. I recall a case where an elderly woman had a very severe case of pneumonia, the doctors said there was nothing they could do and she would not live more then a few days. So a close friend recommended that she take very high doses of raw garlic, she took around 40 cloves of garlic every day and in less then a week she went home well The doctors were speechless, they could not believe that garlic could kill such a bad case of pneumonia. The doctors in the East know this to be common knowledge.

    Garlic is one of the oldest known medicine from plants. Ancient Sanskrit documents describe garlic remedies being used in India 5,000 years ago. Chinese medicine has used the healing and beneficial health qualities of garlic for over 3,000 years. In 1858, Louis Pasteur praised the anti-bacterial properties of garlic. World War I surgeons used garlic juice to fight infections in wounds. Garlic was also used as an antibiotic during World War II. Garlic has been used as a spice for food for centuries because of it’s ability to kill germs that cause food to spoil. Roman senator, naturalist and scholar, Pliney the Elder, recorded the beneficial effects of garlic on human health. In Marseilles, in 1722, garlic was the main medicine used to prevent and treat the plague. Dr. Albert Schweitzer used garlic as an antiseptic in his hospital. Garlic is actually licensed as a drug in Japan.

  • Harkannin

    I am studying traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and I would love to see research on any of the Chinese herbal remedies. Note that Chinese medicine uses a combination of herbs and not a single herb by itself. If you only want to research single herbs, a topic that is easy to find information on would be either Sheng Jiang (Fresh Rhizoma Zingiberis) or Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng)

    But there are more interesting topics out there like the use Jiang Can (Bombyx Batryticatus), the corpse of a silkworm that died from a fungal infection.

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