saturated fat vs cholesterol?

Why is it that saturated fat in the diet raises blood cholesterol more than dietary cholesterol?


  • aceofspd

    Neither raise cholesterol levels. Carbohydrates directly raise triglycerides and cause insulin release. Insulin is very caustic to the inside of the artery walls and cholesterol is carried to the damaged area by LDL. Your body knows how much cholesterol it needs to make for cell walls, brain cells, nerve cells, and hormones. If you do not consume enough or block absorption with fiber, then your body just produces more. Cholesterol is sooo important that it is NEVER eliminated but sent back to the liver (inside HDL) to be recycled. If you block production with drugs, your body has to shut down the least important uses of cholesterol, to provide enough for the most vital uses. Ever hear of Low T? Saturated fat is the good fat that causes HDL to raise. Polyunsaturate and Trans fats cause LDL to become small dense particles, the TRUE "bad cholesterol" Control your carbohydrate intake, thus your insulin release, and watch your numbers improve. If your doctor tests for lipid levels without ordering a particle size ratio, tell him/her to "never mind", and find a new doctor. The whole cholesterol thing is a myth. Google "cholesterol myth" and be shocked.

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  • mildred f

    You should be sure to understand what kind of cholesterol/saturated fat you are talking about. Exogenous or inherent? Dietary vs inherent?

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