Salads Don’t Have To Be Boring

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Hello everyone. I've received many emails as to how I eat my salads. Well in this video I will tell you a few ways I eat my salads. I know a lot of people won't eat salads simply because they say it's boring and bland. Maybe you can try eating your salad the way I explain and you'll enjoy salads more. Thanks a bunch for taking time to watch my video. Feel free to share with all your friends and make sure to send them my way to say hello. Elektra πŸ™‚ Music: "Sk8board" By: Jason Shaw Salads Don't Have To Be Boring Fresh Vegetables Fruits Healthy Eating Food "Vegetable (Ingredient)" "Salad (Type Of Dish)" Health Tips Diet Low Fat Foods "Diet (nutrition)" "Dieting (Symptom)"

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