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From: I have eczema. On my neck, arms and legs. The biggest problem is how itchy it gets, which leads to scratching, which leads to red, raw and essentially gross skin. I was just wondering, as a masseur ( and someone who works extensively with the skin) if there is any advice you could offer ie. are there any massage techniques that could help calm the skin down? Or any oils/creams that you have come across in your work that could help a poor soul such as myself? Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated. A lot. Cheers, JimmyNails


  • zomgbbqwth

    my girlfriend has psoriasis (which means itch in latin)~ she needs lots of love and care and help with the cream application~ and i let her do pretty much whatever she wants so that´╗┐ she wont become aggitated and stressed~ i find myself very lucky that i have her in my life because she has this skin disease which makes her stick to the ones who love her~ i know she aint gonna leave me for someone else~
    i am preparing to propose to her soon~ ­čśÇ

  • CT2507

    then´╗┐ dont do it with a boy. do it with a man. adults are less critical.

  • P Dub

    “some´╗┐ people pronoune it…” – all people pronounce it

  • darkheartangel23

    i have exzema its horrible, i waz born with it, it sux totally bad, but´╗┐ sumhow its healing up. all i do is put lotion on everyday n it kinda disapper. its getting better, but i still hav it n hopin it goes away

  • fifirockefeller

    Look up tinea versicolor and see if that looks similar to what you have. Selsun Blue shampoo (used as a body wash) can take care of it, if that is what you think you may have. Best of Luck — hope you got an answer before this (your comment was 7´╗┐ months ago).

  • Volcomintality

    I have eczema on hands, legs, and feet.(used to have it on my face and neck). I had really bad eczema on my foot that sometimes I could barely walk. I would have 3inch´╗┐ cuts on the heel of my foot and it made my days hell. But over the year it got better. All I really did was use an ointment called Aquaphor and it really helped.

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  • laniegwaps

    hi,, your kids are really cute? can i ask you something. not relevant to eczema though I have an´╗┐ eczema which is why I come across your vid, is your wife Filipina or like brown aSIAN? just guessing ­čÖé

  • massagenerd

    Yes, my wife is´╗┐ from the Philippines…good guess ­čÖé

  • laniegwaps

    hahah!´╗┐ i can tell because I am a Filipino myself.

  • 1warkiman

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  • laraaiam55

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  • alythecat1

    your kid looks like jon and kate´╗┐ kid

  • SniperSam

    I have noticed that the mixture of Asian or Filipino and Caucasian parents whip up some of the cutest children. I noticed the Filipino blood dominated a little´╗┐ there.

    great advice btw

  • SniperSam

    I wonder if it’s just a mineral we lack sometimes. My significant other has eczema pretty bad on´╗┐ her legs occasionaly . I used to have it bad when i was smaller. But sometimes I would break out or easily get skin irritations when I eat chocolate./

  • gorivatra


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  • nnsgoatmilk

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  • Godric Zeus

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  • fettkatt87

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  • fettkatt87

    i mean´╗┐ the vegan diet to is very healing.

  • polmesgartoz

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  • ungata101

    I have´╗┐ that same problem

  • James Albarran

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  • Patricia Mahler

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