Question on cholesterol and the body?

I’ve heard that cholesterol is our body’s natural way of fighting acidity in our blood. So, I’m thinking that if you lower your acidity then it doesn’t really matter how much cholesterol you eat. Ideas?


  • Live4Ironman

    If you lower the acidity in your body, then the cholesterol that you produce may indeed be lowered. However, if you continue to consume food with high cholesterol, then you will still have a cholesterol problem. I’m not sure how much a human body reacts to acidic blood as far as the production of cholesterol. I do think that if you alter the PH balance in your blood, you will suffer from a non-cholesterol related problem after having gotten rid of the initial cholesterol problem. Then if you eat food high in cholesterol and keep your blood acidic, you will have high cholesterol and whatever else high acidity in the blood causes.

    That’s the best i can do with what I know and the logic you’re using.

  • Dr. W

    Your information is factually erroneous. Cholesterol has nothing to do with the acidity of your blood, which is primarily controlled by the lungs and kidneys.


    Listen to the good Doctor.

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