Question for health and fitness course on bulimia?

I’m doing a course on health and fitness, they state that bulimics don’t lose weight and stay normal. But they classify being bulimic as stuffing yourself until your full, and then purging What if they eat normal and then purge it after. What happens ? Please help I have to write a essay on it. And don’t quite understand.


  • Eating normal and purging is not bulimia. The criteria for bulimia is that a person must "binge-eat and purge, at least 2-3 times per week". Bulimics often stay a normal weight as they absorb some of the calories they consume.

  • superswmr

    Regardless of how much they eat, purging afterwards makes You feel hungry and deprives your body of nutrition. Deprivation slows down your metabolism, in turn causing someone to gain weight. Also, sugar passes through your body quickly, so they get a large amount of sugar into their bodies. Sugar causes weight gain

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