Question for any Mental Health Technicians.

Did you go to school to become a mental health tech? What is the pay like? Are there job opportunities for mental health techs?


  • allykat87

    I just finished in May. I took a six week course offered by the junior college and the local mental health service. This course was offered for the first time just as i was about to turn in my application for mental health technician associates degree program at another college…it offered the same thing, only crammed into six weeks and i was guaranteed a job when finished, so i thought it was a better choice. With our company, part-time is paid more than full time because full-time gets excellent benefits and more hours. Annual salary is eighteen thousand to twentyfour thousand…. thats with some sort of schooling. I definitely recommend getting an education course at least. There are tons of job opportunities. Its one of the top 50 jobs expected to continue to grow in the next ten years. I love my job…but it is stressful. You can work with substance abuse, mentally challenged, and mentally ill. You can work anywhere from a hospital to a group home to day treatment. If you get a state job, the benefits alone are woth the work, especially the retirement. In my opinion, unless you are turned off by the pay, its a wonderful job. But definetly go to school…it may seem like common sense stuff, but some parts are really helpful like crisis prevention, and most importantly, clinical rotations. It lets you see what its like before you invest a lot of time in it, because this job is definitely not for everyone. oh, and you will probably get some on the job training…..Sorry so long…i just want you to have all the info i can give….if u have some more questions you can email me at

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