Question about cholesterol?

I have high cholesterol and I want to lower it.
What can I do to lower my cholesterol?

Also, I know it is best to avoid any food with cholesterol but how many mg of cholesterol is okay?
If a food as 20 mg of it, is that way to much?


  • 1. Eliminating cholesterol from your diet on it’s own will not lower your cholesterol significantly. If you eliminate all cholesterol from your diet and keep consuming the same calories and don’t loose weight, your cholesterol won’t be much lower. If you are overweight, the greatest reduction in cholesterol occurs with weight loss. This is related to the next part

    2. Your body recycles it’s cholesterol stores. Your body dumps it’s own cholesterol into your gut and reabsorbs it. If you eat soluble fiber (i.e. oat meal), it binds up the cholesterol in your gut. The cholesterol can’t be reabsorbed and is passed out of your body in your stool. This is how oat meal and other fiber rich foods lower your cholesterol.

  • cut down on fat and sugar… need to exercise.

    Your doctor can prescribe NIASPAN, which is a derivative of the vitamin niacin, and it is supposed to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholsterol (HDL). I took it for about four months and it worked somewhat. The only drawback is that Niaspan gives you hot flashes and for a while i felt like my face was burning. However, my doctor told me to take an aspirin each night and that did seem to help alot with the hot flashes.

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