Question about cholesterol?

If you eat a lot of seafood, but doesn’t eat any other animal products, will their intake of cholesterol be too high? Assuming their seafood intake was… a lot.


  • mushroom

    Oily fish has Omega 3 oil which is good for raising the HDL (good cholesterol). As long as you’re not overeating fish to the point of getting fat then fish is good for your cholesterol.

  • cindy c

    Your intake of seafood would still be too much.Seafood is the worst kind of meat to eat,because it is very high in cholestrol.You can eat some seafood if yoy watch your intake of all meats you eat.

  • All seafood are high in bad cholesterol except fish which is good in Omega 3 good cholesterol. Take fish, steamed cooked not fried and use salt sparingly is good for the hearth. Take other seafood only once a while.

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