psoriasis / eczema diet help skin care advice & NO DAIRY FOODS PERIOD !!! 1 of 3

Fix this food intolerance by completely removing an unnatural food for humans. I am dairy and tree fruit free.. No tree fruits. Bananas are OK. And mainly follow a whole food diet. Zero sugar. Minimum 3 months to see first signs of clearing + 6 months to clear completely. I make this video after 20+ years of suffering. If skin flakes were chemically analyzed the greedy doctors would be out of a job. Good luck!


  • Nukleuz nuke

    @sn9696 yes u are correct!!!

  • Nukleuz nuke

    @biglroy1 i dont mean to put eggs down but the best food for us humans are fruits n raw veggies. to totally rid of psoriasis, eczema, or even acne we need to eat raw foods like what i mention earlier. herbs too! my gf had eczema till i got her on fruits n herbs

  • freedomman121

    You have to go gluten free as well! Gluten is the big offender. 

  • Monica Till

    im not allergic to DAIRY and nothing is working ive tried everything…im not allergic to dairy so why would I cut out dairy??? nothing is helping I feel hopeless it hurts and its painful

  • Meimuna Garad

    A major step is is to find your food triggers, stay off them for a while. But allergies don’t necessarily cause eczema. Allergies and eczema go hand in hand because the gut is compromised. You have to heal your gut. My son had eczema, and is also in the healing process. I became a health coach because I was so inspired by this process. I just started an eczema blog. If you need help doing this step by step- I will be holding a class soon. My FB page is About Eczema.


    @biglroy1 I will work on my diet to defeat psoriasis and eczema. How old are you by the way?

  • nhojnhoj2

    Dude youtube search sodium bicarbonate cures cancer and you find an Italian DR. who says cancer is a fungus and he can cure it with baking soda, Also psoriasis is causes by a fugus and IODINE WILL CURE IT!!!

  • gothsanonymous

    you are right bang on in this video. dermatologists don’t want to find a cure because it would be a huge loss of revenue for them. I stopped cortisone years ago because of the brutal side effects (which I’m still feeling now). Cut out 90% of meat products and avoided gluten like the plague (as I had a nasty reaction to eating basically raw gluten) and my skin on my body is 99% perfect with the exception of my face which has a few red blotches, possibly caused by makeup. but yeah diet is key

  • goodchap1971

    Good Luck, with your condition.

  • erosrammaz


  • maciejwrotek

    damn, u may want check glutenology net and wheatbellyblog com websites.

  • jrae50021

    The psoriasis is the allergic reaction to Dairy, Gluten, Sugar which makes the PH balance ACIDIC. You have nothing to lose by cutting out dairy and trying it for awhile, especially if you are in pain and feel hopeless. Don’t give up♥

  • jrae50021

    Thanks for your testimony. I’ve developed psoriasis on my hands and I know it’s an indication that I’m not taking care of myself. You’ve confirmed what I had thought. Blessings to you for helping many sufferers.

  • jonock1

    Fresh flax oil internally. 1 to 4 tbspns a day. Read Dr Rudins book on Omega 3 oils

  • sau0124

    so what do you eat now? i’ve had psoriasis for 21 years

  • JorgeRosado2012

    nice job

  • Mo Gains

    Hey biglroy, first id like to say i am very happy for you. I to have been on a this emotional journey. I agree with everything your saying about dairy and meat. But why no tree fruit, they are very natural right?

  • Mike Rungren

    Actually all fruits/sugar/dairy are foods most of us did not evolve with.

  • Mo Gains

    Thats just not true. we have for sure been eating fruit, for sure. The dairy and sugar. Idk maybe certain groups of humans threw history have eat’n it ( european) but 4 things i can for say we have been eating since the start is fruit, meat, and vegetables and grain

  • Mike Rungren

    Meanwhile your addiction to dairy lives on. That’s what makes this
    test so difficult. Milk is made addictive to make sure the baby calf
    stays close to the utter. No different in you. You keep drinking
    that feel-good liquid (MILK) for some reason.

  • Mike Rungren

    My suggestion to all who really want a perfect clear skin……Rid
    dairy from your diet. Much harder than you think. No butter, or ice-
    cream, milk, cheese, cream, yogurt and all processed foods with
    components of cows milk. These toxins are deep in your muscles,
    tissues, and fat. So to begin seeing clearing it will take a long
    time. Be patient. Minimum of 3 months to see any clearing.

  • Mike Rungren

    Please see my newest of 3 videos about psoriasis / eczema it’s titled,” WATCH YOUR SUGAR INTAKE”.

  • naseecha bliss

    I have psoriasis around my eyes and it seems my forehead is starting up….I will try what you have said…I adore eggs and sour cream and cottage cheese…it will be like parting with a loved one LOL. I also wanted to ask if you knew if your blood type is RH negative…it seems we have a lot of allergies in common.

  • natesmom2244

    hello.. my husband has psoriasis on his scalp, knees and elbows. We have tried everything with no luck. he does not consume hardly any dairy except cheese (occasionally) and butter.. but does eat a lot of bread. Is there anything else you know of that helps to treat psoriasis besides diet? thank you !

  • Mike Rungren

    Good quality eggs are OK, it’s the sugar in the dairy I think and should be avoided.

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