PLEASE HELP MEE!!! for a Natural Remedy for Vertigo!!!?

I am desperate I have a small baby and i dont know what to do. All the time when i stand up a chair or bed i feel the vertigo start and its all the time!, I feel that I fall when I stan up, I can not leave my house, I visit many doctors, internists and they make me middle ear studys all negative, I have a little of anemia but i’m using long time ago iron and nothing, my symptoms have worsened, it is becoming more and more please help any remedy? I have taken, drugs for vertigo and some natural pills for vertigo that sold in pharmacies but nothing.


  • abigal

    yes, there is hope. Please see this website and follow his directions.

    It is best to make your own b and b formula and if necessary the bone, flesh and cartilage as when he was here, he used fresh herbs and now his family has changed his formulas to use conventional herbs. You should use organic or wild-crafted herbs (grown in the wilds) as these are several to ten times higher in the pytochemicals that cure and prevent disease.

    Purchase bulk herbs online (organic) or at a health food store that sells them and then mix them in the right proportions.

    I know how awful that feels, once I got a virus that caused vertigo and it was not like normal dizziness. It felt like the room was spinning and I felt it even when I laid down and closed my was a nightmare.

    There are different kinds of anemia..some times one is short in vitamin b12 and folic acid. I was recently anemic..I lost a lot of blood from a car wreck but they also said this just prior to the new doctor (hmo changed) gave me iron but I checked with the old doctor and she reminded me my ferritin tests were normal so I was not iron deficient and said to stop taking the iron.

    For anemia, try this

    drink (made in a juicer) 40% beets, 40% carrots and 20% kale/leafy greens.

    this was used for bad anemia with good results. Also in case it is b12 and folic that is needed use this food supplement found at it is called super food.
    If you want to follow Dr Christopher’s recommendations at the link I provide and wish to make this yourself, send me your real email address and I will do an attachment and copy the papers that list the proportions of the various herbs in it so you can make it. (also if doing it use raw apple cider vinegar not is found at health food store or health section of supermarket..the usually brand names are braggs or spectrum)

    Also contact me for information on how to make a tincture as this is what you need.

    If you cannot afford the superfood, take some spirulina and nutritional yeast (also called torula)..the best kind of this nutritional is found sold in the bulk at health food is yellow flakes, add the spirulina to some juice..can add the nutritional yeast to smoothie, apple sauce, peanut butter etc.

    but please follw the directions carfully in the link below. He siad it often cured certigo and I deeply believe in this man’s clinical experience and wisdom. He worked with dying and sick peope not just looked something up on the internet, so we can know that it stands a good chance of being successfully. go to the link below and if you want the directions on how to make the formula, send me an email address. If worried, just open a fake email on yahoo or google using a different name.

  • Dehydration is a possibility ~ some of the symptoms of dehydration are puffy bags under your eyes, dark circles under your eyes,dizzy spells and loss of balance and fainting feelings, constant yawning, headaches and migraines and constipation and bloating and cramping and foggy thinking, irritability and moodiness….. :0)

    Are you sure you aren’t just dehydrated buddy?? Expecting your digestive system to digest food and transport essential vitamins and nutrients with no water in your system is an extremely huge ask ………… actually puffiness anywhere in your body is a signal that your body is hanging on to the little bit of water that you have and are getting very dehydrated …… Water is imperative to life. Without water your body will have a terrible time breathing, digesting food, transporting nutrients, lubricating your joint sockets etc.etc.etc.etc……… nothing substitutes for water. your body needs at least 2 – 3 litres of water daily to function efficiently Geez, we need at least 2 litres daily just to maintain aspiration (to breathe)!! so drink up buddy ♥

    Increase your intake of fresh filtered water 20 minutes before or after meals so as to enhance digestion rather than interfere with it …………… if you drink fluids during your meals it will only serve to dilute your digestive juices and hinder digestion ♥

    also, try to cut back on drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas and soft drinks (if you drink any of them) which will all do great job of dehydrating you. ie: just 1 can of soda or soft drink will make your body peesh out up to 12 cups of water !!! 1 cup of coffee will make your body peesh out about 2 cups of water ……….. read the book by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D…. "Your body’s many cries for water"…… an astounding and scary and very true read.

    Also, if you are vegetarian or lactose intolerant then it is really important that you supplement your diet with a multi B complex supplement …….. a liquid supplement would be easiest for your body to assimilate …… iron needs vitamins B6, B12, calcium and vitamind D for effective assimilation so please make sure you are also eating enough leafy and green vegies (rich in calcium and protein) and getting at least 10 – 15 minutes per day of safe sun exposure (vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin) ……… otherwise take a calcium supplement that contains vitamin D3 (easiest to assimilate) ………. don’t take any of the B vitamins individually but rather as a whole group as they work best together ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 and folic acid etc…. unless of course a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath tells you to do so.

    Do you also suffer from insomnia and achy bones?? If so, then this is because you are lacking in calcium which would explain the vertigo …….. dizzy spells, fatigue and exhaustion, paleness of skin, nasty headaches are all signs of iron deficiency anemia.

    Failing all that drink some organic loose leaf nettle tea …… any good health food store should be able to provide you with this…… simply put 2 teaspoons full into a pot and top with hot water and set to brew for 15 minutes …….. put organic honey in it to taste if the taste is too bland for you or spice it up with freshly squeezed lemon juice…… only organic nettle will do though as the commercial varieties have had way too much of the goodness pulverised from them to be of any real therapeutic value …… 2 cups per day should suffice as nettle is an herb rich in both calcium and iron and will help to combat dizziness and lack of energy ……. drink loads of fresh filtered water too as it can have a diuretic affect and nothing substitutes for fresh water…….. ensure that you still brush your teeth regularly too or otherwise the nettle tea may stain your teeth.

    Check out this link on the nettle herb, it may be of use to you ~

    hope you feel better soon

    peace 2 u

  • Whiteraven90

    Vertigo is usually a sign of a lack of a mineral in the body,and which mineral is dependant on the type of vertigo you suffer. I dont know whether this is your first babe or not,but there are a couple of things that may help. If you are prone to anaemia, dr Scheusslers tissue salts in Ferr phos may help,they are the natural elements and so you would not have constipation probs.the other alternative,is to rebalance your systems, and this can be donewith the gano mushroom.
    Go to and look at the profile on the ganoderma, and you’ll have your question answered I am sure.

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