Parents need advice on little sisters uniform please?

Asked: Parents need advice on little sisters uniform please?

My little sister is 6 and is in a new school after we moved during the summer. She has really really bad eczema and mom bought her short sleeved shirts because her arms are really bad and when she went into school she got into trouble from the teachers. Mom went into talk to the principal and she told her that the school has rules. That they must be obeyed with no exceptions.

My sister has not gone into school this week because she has been sick from fear of the pains in her arms with the long sleeved shirts. Mom is worried because she wont be allowed back into school with a short sleeved shirt and the long sleeved ones hurt her arms because she sweats a lot in them and her arms blister.

Please help!


Tell Mom to get a statement from your sisters doctor that she cannot wear long sleeves..

wow, poor thing! I would look into speaking to a lawyer, but can she wear something under the long sleeve shirt, like a cotton shirt? It may be time to look for a new school. i hope you all figure something out!

Have her get a doctor's note.

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