olive oil and health?

hello, i have alot of olive oil and i know it is high in calories, but is it really harmful if someone has too much in one day>>? are there any precautions? i certainly have alot of extra virgin olive oil and i put that and lots of garlic (powder) on everything all day long..



  • Pavlos

    Coming from Greece, there’s olive oil in my every day diet ever since I remember. Extra virgin olive oil is very good for your health and heart’s health, but of course it is very high in calories as well. However, it isn’t nearly as fattening as butter or other animal byproducts. Use it, don’t abuse it. And don’t expect to see any benefits if you just add olive oil to your diet, without making any changes to your previous eating habits.

    Olive oil is best eaten uncooked – as salad dressing for instance, and if you can substitute other oils you use in your food with olive oil, research shows you’ll benefit from it. Even when cooked, olive oil is very reluctant, and maintains most of its beneficial properties to health. A Mediterranean diet in general, rich in olive oil, fruit, vegetables and fish – is considered among the best diets.

  • shaman medicine man

    olive oil in general is very good ( especially cold pressed one ), but anything in too large or too less amounts can either make you sick, or kill you.

    too much oil in a diet is not very recommended anyhow.
    try to use it in responsible manners and dont go by the fact that sicilians ( the old ones ) drink a glass a day – they are used to such things and also not famous for being the most healthiest on earth.

  • diehard0603

    Olive oil is the best and is recommended for diabetes patients. Anything used in excess can be bad for your health. Small portions of the right things are essential for good health.

  • skippr76

    Olive oil is a heart-friendly monounsaturated oil. It lowers bad LDL cholesterol but not good HDL cholesterol.

    Plant chemicals in olive oil known as polyphenols, which have antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and anticlotting properties, can improve blood vessel function and fight potential blockages. Phenols in olive oil have also been credited with helping to prevent colon cancer, as they inhibit the formation of tumors.

    Extra-virgin olive oil is the healthiest of all olive oils. It is the cold-pressed result of the first pressing of the olives, produced with no chemical treatments.

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