not ADD , but need more focus? Natural remedy maybe?

I’ve developed bad sleeping habits to finish school work, overloaded with school work, apart from loosing focus I daydream, mental fatigue, forget, I struggle to keep up. You might say its sleep, but its not even when I am not sleep deprived its the same. Cold weather here doesn’t help …

I am looking into some natural health remedies… I am way too off track when I try to do just about anything, and I feel i can do so much better…. so I’ll give it a shot

Natural is always good, might be bs for all I know but if it helps even 5% .. then its better than nothing right?

Omega 3: Safe and good they even have NPN numbers on them now
not depressed! lol I just need a wake up call thnx


  • Kim H

    I have two recommendations for you to try. First off, try to get some good sleep. You can assist this with a non addicting, very effective sleep aide herb called "Valerian". This one even helps people to wean off of sleeping pills. You can take the capsules but I recommend the tea with a little honey for sweetening. It will react in your system faster. Then, when you wake up in the morning refreshed, take some capsules of a great herbal combo: Ginsing and Ginko Biloba. These will both "wake you up" and give you more mental focus. Try this for even a couple of days and I think you will be surprised. I am an herbalist and have a grown daughter who had ADD growing up and this helped her focus at school without being on the pharmaceuticals that the "Dr.s" wanted to put her on. Good luck!

  • Fuzzy Fourfiveone

    Try electro shock therapy. It is good and safe.

  • Veronica

    well, poor sleeping habits and stress from school can really screw up your brain chemistry.(read the edge effect), first you should be focused on sleep. try some melatonin or valerian root and for concentration a b-complex- which helps with stress too. hope that helps

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