New Products I’m Loving for Acne Prone/Scarred Skin

Follow me on instagram and twitter: MissLx150 This is the second part of my December Favorites! Want to see my favorite cosmetics? Click here:


  • TheLaniBerry

    Good vid, Ii have very sensitive skin so this video help me alot…thanks

  • karenbcz22

    Excellent video!
    Your HAIR looks fantastic!

  • merlot2020

    It so important to take care of you skin it makes your makeup look much nicer when you have nice skin, but also have a look at where your makeup is made so many girls on youtube do reviews on makeup products that are made in China i don’t know about you but i do not want to wear makeup made in China.

  • beechykeen6

    <3 u tiff! your videos are super helpful and you're pretty!!!!!!!

  • BlueVans4699

    Your beautiful!

  • Melbabiiex

    girl i just found your channel and im loving it you remind me abit of mamichula8153 🙂 xox

  • pandalover4l22

    Ur. Awesome. Thanks. So. Much

  • AmarettoEyes

    please put your stuff or links in the down bar….. 😉

  • luvmesumu2

    I bet your boyfriend loves you without all tht makeup… I mean has he complained, your beautiful without it Ü

  • anaely torres

    I love you hair

  • 1oneelove1

    you are beautiful great videos!!!


    I love your humor!!! Your so funny and real!!!! Keep up the great vids!!!

  • TheSupasupa11

    she kinda sounds like amada bynes

  • lalam051

    What is that serum, you mentioned in the video. the first product you talked about

  • TheEpicSlowpoke

    Im sure your bf wasnt embarrased, natural is better 🙂

  • Gabrielle Valerio

    The end of this is the same ending as “December hits and misses” lol ITS ALL GOOD THOUGH

  • lOrEnlOvEsgAwwd

    how much was the keil serum?

  • forevercrackbabe

    what was that first product?

  • EDHxoxo

    I’ve said it b4 when i first subscribed to you long ago and I’ll say it again, I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY!  Ur so refreshingly REAL & yet gorgeous at the same time! 🙂 Awesome combo. Thanks for always posting cuz i luv watching ya

  • taahmakay

    Thanks for the reviews! 🙂 I totally agree with “EDHxoxo” There is something extremely genuine about you; you have a very beautiful, captivating personality…. 🙂

  • phani orozco

    Where can you get that keil serum at? 🙂

  • Kyekat96

    Have had adult acne for the past 5 years. I would recommend the Clarisonic brush. It is wonderful and takes off all of your makeup. My face is so much clearer and scars are going away. Also found 2 small drops of Argon oil at night keeps my face balanced and clear.

  • taahmakay

    I totally agree with the nice comments you made about our host Tiffany E. ;….”refreshingly real…” 🙂

  • chicabonita781

    Tell us how your paleo diet is going. And don’t forget to show us in at least a month how that serum is going for you. Thnx 🙂

  • EDHxoxo

    Thanks girl! 🙂 so kind.

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