Need to know about the thyroid?

If you have a underactive thyroid and you take medicine and say you dont, not like you should could that delvelope into thyroid cancer? Iquittaking mine because it dont seem to be doing any good, I been on it for over a year and no changes Im still over weight ,im still loosing my hair skin is dry If oyu have any advice plz let me know


  • Dorothy T

    No , you won’t develop cancer because you quit taking medicine. Yes taking thyroid meds can be challenging, there isn’t any instant results. Hypothyroidism is a fairly subtle condition, and it can be hard to get it regulated even by the doctors. You have to get your thyroid levels checked to see if your taking the right amount. Even with the right medication, your diet is the main issue in weight control.

  • Have you been to see your doctor about this?
    If not you really should.
    It’s obvious the medication you’ve been given isn’t working, so you need to take something else, it’s not good for your health.

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