Natural Remedy for Pinkeye?

My 5 year old is getting pink eye. I was wondering what the best and safest natural remedy would be for her. Thanks


  • angelos447

    Get the homeopathic pink eye drops. I had pink eye a month ago, and it helped relieve the pain and heal me. They are made by a company called Similasan, and I bought mine at a local health food store.

  • newser321

    Pinkeye is highly contagious. Please, for your daughter’s sake and the sake of everyone she comes in contact with, please see a doctor. They will give you a small bottle of eye drops to kill the bacteria. A bacterial infection of the eye is a dangerous situation, although pinkeye rarely gets bad enough to cause a full blown bacterial infection, it can and if that happens loss of vision is a possibility. Please don’t play with your child’s health. If you want to do the holistic route on yourself that is fine, but children can’t make that choice.

  • try regular eye drops works for me =]

  • The Osteopractic Professor

    For this you really need to see a medic. Natural remedys are fine for a lot of things but this needs some medicine.

  • Go to the doctor, as you don’t want this to spread. It is very contagious. Be careful when dealing with a child, especially their eyes.

  • mr.answerman

    Putting something in the eye not intended for the eye can and has resulted in total blindness. You need to see a doctor for a sterile opthalamic antibiotic. If you put homeopathics in childs eyes this can result in blindness, you know the kind white canes, braille, books on tape. Get the picture! I hope so

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