Natural remedies?????????

Are there any natural remedies or vitamins i can take instead of anti-depressants and sleeping pills?


  • deal with your moods and anxiety and depression from the source of the problem by cleaning up your diet …….. try looking at it wholisitcally and working with your body as a whole …… cut back on stodgy food like white bread, potatoes and white rice and pump up your intake of fresh leafy green vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, buk choy, celery and fresh fruits low in suagr like pears, cantalope, strawberries, watermelon …….. eat them, juice them ….. just get them into you mate go heavy on the greens ……. and light on the fruits .. fresh fruit and vegies are rich in living enzymes that every single cell in your body so urgently needs to function effectively and smoothly …….. they are also rich in calcium and magnesium which work in tandem in your body for healthy neural functioning, digestion, heart bone and teeth health …… great for brain frizz, anxiety and stress, insomnia, achy bones, irritability and moodiness, headaches and migraines, terrible mood swings ……… brilliant for clear thinking and destressing yourself …. hydrate yourself properly too with loads of fresh filtered water and ditch any sodas, pop or soft drinks that will dehydrate you terribly …. including diet sodas ….. processed sugar is the scurge of modern society i reckon and will only serve to leach precious vitamins and minerals from your system ……. like calcium and magnesium……. without enough calcium in your system you’ll never assimilate your iron supplies sufficiently or be calm and relaxed and stress and depression free ……… a diet high in processed sugar, processed salt, saturated fat and animal fats will do the same thing … exhaust you and stress you out and put you down in the dumps regularly …….. eat more fresh fruit and vegies and get your bounce back luv.

    try as hard as you can to ditch eating processed sugar …… believe me, if you have a sensitive system, it could definitely be producing excessive anxiety, sensitivity, brain frizz ………… have a piece of fruit if you want something sweet …… do your vitality and sanity a favor and eat/juice more green vegies.

    also, try to pinpoint any food intolerances you may have ….. milk and dairy springs to mind ……. a lot of people are lactose intolerant and fail to address it prooperly and suffer the depressive vitamin and nutrient thieving side affects……. i sincerely believe that good health and vitality and peace of mind may have more to do with what you don’t ingest as opposed to what you do ……. in other words, listen to your body when you eat food ……. headaches and migraines, depression, irritability and moodiness, achy bones, insomnia, total fatigue and exhaustion, constipation, acid reflux, bloating and gassiness, excessive wind, nasty mood swings and temper tantrums can all definitely be symptoms of food intolerances that are left unaddressed………. eliminate the foods that disagree with you……. strip your diet back to organic brown rice or quinoa and fresh celery juice ….. two of the least allergenic foods i’ve found ……… then each day add one new food to your daily regime…… and listen to how it agrees with your body ……. sure it’s totally tedious and frustrating doing it this way but most deinitely 100% effective i assure you…. no point eating something that your system can’t tolerate or assimilate no matter how healthy it’s supposed to be.

    do more dancing, laughing, singing out loud too ….. pump up some really loud RoCk music …. or whichever music grabs your fancy .. and leap wildly round your living room slamming on down on your imaginary guitar pretending you’re up on stage with all the boys in the band having the time of your life …. pump up the serotonin naturally and side step the affects of toxicsludgemeds …… feel good naturally and do more of the stuff that you like doing.

    hope you get your bounce back real quick.

    peace baby

  • .:ZAC:.


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