Natural remedies to assist metabolism and hormone levels?

I’ve been advised that I have a disfunction of the hypothalamus gland, and after ready some information on the subject, I’m concerned with how this will effect my body in the near and distant future. My physician recommended taking hormone replacement medication, but I rather not due to the possible known side effects. Are there any natural aids that could help?


  • sabrina s

    There are tons of natural treatments out there, you could look into the following "womens herbs":

    *Black Cohosh
    *Dong Quai

    and a product called thyrosense sounds right for you because it:

    Supports Optimal Thyroid Health, Improves Energy and Metabolism

    What to expect from this product:

    *For those with low thyroid:
    *Supports thyroid health
    *Improves conversion of T4 to T3
    *Enhances weight loss
    *Improves energy
    *Supports proper hormone balance
    *Improves sensitivity to temperature

  • Violet Pearl

    Depends on what kind of hormone replacement your doctor meant- most come in the form of bio-identical/natural creams you rub into your forearms. I’d advise against using herbs or over-the-counter formulas if your doctor has diagnosed a problem. The side-effects of imbalances can be severe and far-reaching.

  • Stina

    Kelp, CoQ10, B-Complex

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