Natural remedies that really work for severe GERD and Dyspepsia?

I am 25 years old and have been diagnosed with GERD and Dyspepsia (1 year ago). I’ve had an upper GI Endoscopy and a pH Bravo test. Two years ago I was also tested for pH Pylori and it was positive so I got a 14 day traetment.

Currently I have been taking 2 Protonix daily, but they don’t seem to work anymore and the side effects of taking that long term are really bad like osteoporosis. I am desperately looking for something natural that can really help me. I have read about the Apple cider vinegar but my tummy won’t take it just the smell makes me sick. This is my 3rd day drinking Aloe-Vera juice mixed with apple juice and I haven’t seen a difference yet. I have been eating apples but they seem to cause more acid, although they say that apples are natural antacids.

I am looking for natural remedies because I hope to feel better and maybe to cure it, and it’s been SEVERE since October. I have also made some changes on my diet, no spices and more vegetables. I have an appointment with my GI but it’s by the end of January. Please help, any suggestions?

Thank you.

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