Natural remedies for skin dried from the cold?

Right now it’s cold and windy where I live, and my face is very dry, even though I use moisturizing cream, so I’d like to now if I can use anything else (natural, preferably!) to put on and help a bit because I feel like my face cracks when I smile or talk or whatever and it burns if I touch it.

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  • sierra_camelia

    I have heard that hemp lotion works well, but I havent actually gotten around to buying some. its derived from the hemp plant so it is mostly natural (depending on the bran).
    Aloe Vera works very well and Its completely natural! You can either buy some already in a bottle or go to your nearest health food store and buy the actual cactus leaf, cut it open and apply.
    Mary Kay is not all natural, but works miracles. My granny has used mary kay her whole life and her skin is better than mine!

    hope this helps 🙂 I know what it feels like to have cracking dry skin…

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