natural remedies for mood swings….

I was looking on line and there is so much confusing info……Is anyone treating mild symptoms of depression, mania, anxiety, etc with natural remedies? My doctor says I don’t need medicine, and just gave me a small sedative for nights to sleep when I need some help. I just feel like I need something to "take the edge off" the stress and help me cope a bit better, ease the intermittent anxiety and calm down the effects of pressure from the outside world. I do have mood swings, but never severe depression or severe mania. I just need a natural mental health tuneup to get myself in check, you know? Anyone out there been through this? I just am a little confused with everything out there. Lithium orotate, choline, 5 htp, omega 3’s with omega 6’s, kava kava, it just goes on and on. Thanks.
it is not a sugar problem, i have a very healthy doctor prescribed diet for health issues….i do have tons of stress, and i dont think it is hormonal as i have already had menopause 7 years ago…..i guess it is just stress…..

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