Natural remedies for cradle cap?

My daughter is 3 month old breastfes and has a not mild of severe case of cradle cap i would say its in the middle (my fist born also had it).Her ped wrote me a prescription for desonide some kind of ointment thats used 2-3 times a day a thin layer. Ive been using it for a couple of days i noticed that her cradle cap is falling out or getting loose but ive also noticed when flakes come out so does a couple of strands that doesnt make me too happy that her hair and the flakes are falling out ive decided to stop using that ointment!! Anyone know why her hair is fallin out?is it normal? Any natural remedies other than baby and olive oil witch made it worse!! By the way she uses j&j baby shampoo!! And has a bath everynite god bless her!! Thanks for your time!

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