Natural remedies for anxiety?

I’m on 25mg of Zoloft right now for anxiety and mild depression…I upped it to 50mg last week and it made me totally crazy – I just wanted to rip my head off – and I refuse to put myself through that DISTURBIA again. (I’m 19, by the way.)

I started taking it last month, and I just feel so weird. It’s hard to laugh, and even though I’m really energetic now it’s like I just feel dead inside. I babble endlessly when I talk and I’m not really interested in anything. I can’t stand to be alone. It messed up my sleeping patterns and I’ve lost weight. I feel like I’m wasting away.

The psychiatrist who prescribed me this is just an a-hole who won’t return my calls.

I’ve been struggling w/ anxiety since I was 11…it started with panic attacks, then when I was 14 I was agoraphobic for a lil bit and really depressed due to life circumstances. I started getting acid reflux, hard to keep weight on, eyesight got weird etc. I got thru everything by sheer willpower since I couldn’t find a good therapist, and I refused to take meds.

I don’t wanna take this drug anymore…or any other antidepressant.

I’m looking into natural remedies–does anyone have any experiences??
lol…i have been thinking about weed, i’m not gonna lie

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