natural medical studies?

i want to know what is the real name for someone who studies natural remedies to heal or help sickness. what would it be called if you want to major in it for college and what are some familiar jobs/majors that are in this type of field!?!???


  • all4love

    Dont listen to those other people… There are many different areas you can go into or natural medicine. It all depends what field you want to go into. The reason I know this is because this is what I want to do as well. This country needs people that are skilled in alternative medicine because obviously treating people with pills isnt cutting it. You can go into holistic medicine or naturopathic medicine. There is also alternative approaches such as herbal medicine or acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition, chinese medicine…. Good luck with your career!!!! I’m so happy to see that other people are interested in natural healing! I have been learning so much about it and can’t wait to help people! One thing you might be interested in is functional medicine. It is treating a patient by looking at how their body works as a whole. I have learned alot about this from Dr. Mark Hyman. I encourage you to look him up on youtube and read some of his blogs! There is soooo much to learn about health and our bodies! Ive spent two years researching this and am STILL learning new things every day! It is truly fascinating!

  • rent249

    It’s called being a doctor.

  • Hawkeyesrule

    it’s not a major at any college because it’s not an academic subject.

    the only jobs are at stores that pander to people who are convinced modern medicine is a scam and sells various flowers and plants and say they cure cancer

  • dcslmt

    I think you’re talking about being a clinical research scientist.

    You might want to do some preliminary self-education before you enroll, though. There have been some excellent studies on numerous type of natural therapies. If you’re wanting to perform the trials because you want to prove they work – well, that’s called researcher bias, and it will invalidate your trials.

    Two books you need to read: "Bad Science" by Ben Goldacre, and "Trick or Treatment" by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst

  • BatMan@Alt/Med

    *D.H.A.N.P.( Diplomate of Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic physicians)
    A minimum of one year in practice is required before one may sit for the D.H.A.N.P. exam.

    *M.A.Sc. (Master of Ayurvedic Science)
    Indian college degree that required three years of post-graduate studies, including an internship of two years. This is in addition to the four years of graduate work necessary to earn a B.A.M.S.

    *D.Hom. (Diplomate of Homeopathic Medicine)
    This degree, along with an M.D., used to be granted by Hahnemann Medical College (now Hanemann University School of Medicine) in Philadelphia,

    *N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy)
    NN.D. license laws require a resident pre-med course of at least four years and 4,000 hours of study at a college recognized by the state examining board. N.D.’s are considered the general practitioners of the natural healing world.

    *L.M.T. (License Acupuncturist)
    Ms.T., M.T (Massage Therapist)
    R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist)
    R.M.T. (Registered Music Therapist)

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