natural home remedies for anger problems?

i need some kind of remedy or over the counter drug to help get rid of my anger outbursts, i do not have insurance to see a doctor or counsler of any sort. I also will not let weed be an acceptable answer, as it is illegal where i live. I am bipolar and become very aggitated easily and out burt in anger. I have a very sensative dog who takes it to heart and gets upset when im angry so i need something fast. I also heard exercise is good but i cannot excercise without being so short of breathe. any ideas?
and can anti depresants make you angry? i have to take amitryptoline for my IBS and i feel that it makes me angrier and more depressed than what i already am
sometimes i dont really realize im mad or what i do until after ive done something like scream at my dog or slam a door, its almost like i black out when im really angry
im not using the anti depressant for my anger, if you read up above im using it for my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) my doctor prescribed it to me genius and yes i know weed is illegal in most states but everyone tells me to use it, i was just stating so i dont have idiots telling me to use it


  • Tigger

    Go on a healthy diet with no sugar, flour, preservatives, or unnatural ingredients. It has been proven that all the stuff they add to our food causes a lot of the health problems seen now days. Gluten causes a lot of problems also, you might want to dry taking that out of your diet.’

  • Jared

    Get a punching bag or a pillow and beat it up when u get mad

  • ima_blueberry_poptart

    See a doctor, they can help and give you medication to help with this.

    Next time you get mad ask yourself why you’re mad and what would fix the problem.
    Sometimes I have to ask myself "is this worth being mad or upset over"

    When you have an outburst call a friend talk to them about it.

  • Chaos

    Substance abuse

  • HK☆

    Deep breath + drink cold water

  • Baby Buddha

    "I also will not let weed be an acceptable answer, as it is illegal where i live" It’s illegal almost everywhere, genius. That doesn’t stop people from using it…Anyway, you should get a punching bag so that way you can just beat it up when you get angry, using drugs like anti depressants to control anger isn’t good because you don’t want to be dependent on something like that just to make yourself feel better everytime you lose it.

  • I like my computer

    some aroma-therapies have beneficial effects on the emotions, I suggest using them. They are used for relief.

    Taking deep breaths and breathing exercises(deep breath for 8 sec, holding breath 8 sec, release 8 sec) can help . Breathing through the nose is really critical. These exercises help de-stress you.

    Meditation helps with emotions.

    The most powerful tool you have for emotional healing is your own mind. During day to day life, we are presented in front of us with certain situations, but we have the ability to react to those situations, and make certain choices. We can either make the choice to be angry, or we can make the choice to be happy and peaceful. Our thoughts have power, and thoughts lead to emotions and beliefs, beliefs lead to actions, actions lead to habits, habits lead to destiny. Just keep that in mined.

  • Palomita

    I would recommend yoga and meditation as a way to both calm you down, and get some exercise in. Any herbal teas for calming down should help too: chamomile, valerian etc.

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