natural/ herbal remedies?

does anyone have any natural or herbal health remedies. i know a lot, but im really interested in this, and i want to know some more.

~~~~~~thank you


  • Check out this web site and buy the book. You can order online, or go to a book store, or walmart or somewhere to buy it. It is a must read for everyone.

  • jayne_galaxy

    I was really interested in learning more about natural healing and plan to enroll in a certificate program like this one:

    Try a google search like "herbal healing certifcate program in (your city)"

  • Anurag C

    Some Home Remedies and Nature Care Tips for common ailments are available at :

  • sugars_that_heal

    Plese resd my page Moon. You will learn a lot.

  • MissE729

    There are many great teachers/courses out there to learn from…my fave… with Dr. Mariah McCain. Excellent site, lots of info.
    Best to you in learning more about the body & creating smarter choices in your health care!

  • GojiGirl

    Dr. Earl Mindell, Pharmacist, Nutritionist and Master Herbalist, also the author of the Vitamin Bible, has unleashed his astounding research on the world’s most powerful anti-aging food. It’s called the goji berry, and it’s quite possibly the most powerful and important natural health discovery ever made, in fact, goji is the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.
    This is an adaptogen which is effective on auto-immune deficiencies, thereby providing relief in a wide variety of disorders and symptoms.
    Being the only functional juice on the market with medical validation, it is being endorsed by Doctors as well. There are 72 clinical studies published on under Lycium Barbarum.
    I cannot tell you how many benefits I have received since drinking this juice.

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