Natural Health Consultant?

i want to study to be a Natural Health Consultant and was wondering where online would i be able to find any information on it before i jump into it? thanks!
i’d prefer to not have opinions but real answers like where to find the info. thanks!


  • Katrina

    go to your local Natural Health College. Look in Natural Health megazines such as Alive, or Vitality.
    here in the Toronto area, there is a Natural Health College called Transformational Arts College, they offer programs there to get Certificates as well as Diploma’s and become Natural health Practitioners.
    Study Aromatherapy, Herbology, Iridology, Homeopathy, Nutrition Sympatomology, Nutrition, and bach Flower Remedies. Those are just some of the courses you can take in a Natural Health Program. I’m studying to be a Natural Health Practitioner myself, I will specialize in Aromatherapy & Herbs. Those are my two favorites.

  • Patrick M

    why dont you do something real like nursing instead of something stupid like natural health?

    there is no such thing as natural health consultant other than a few quack jobs out there that dont actually help people at all.

    you seem really smart and i bet you would make an awesome nurse or doctor

  • theonetruegigi

    If you are Canadian, this site is in development: – should be live next month.

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