~*~Natural Health Colleges~*~?

Hello All,

How are you? I was wondering if any of you knew of great and known colleges that are really great in the field of natual health and alternative medicine. id also like to know which colleges would send me info.

thanks so much!! =)


  • laughingfish2003

    Bastyr in the western US – i think its in washington state… they have degrees in varied natural medicine. yahoo search it.
    it is one of the only real accredited natural colleges outside of chiropractic college.
    i have a friend who attends there

    Don’t do anything online- those are not accredited & your license wont be accepted by a state board.
    "Trinity" the person references below is actually a spin off of a multi-level marketing group that sells Nature’s Sunshine Vitamins. The "Naturopathic Degree" they offer is totally bogus… about 200 hour maybe? compared to a 4 year post graduate degree you would get from Bastyr… that’s a REAL ND degree of 2-3 thousand hours of study.

  • Ohio Healer

    I’ve scoped out several, and the best one I’ve come across is http://www.trinityschool.org. They’re faith-based, but none of the curriculum is. I know several people who have graduated from their programs, and all are quite skilled and knowledgeable. Trinity travels around the country hosting classes.

    You can also check Clayton College of Natural Health in Ohio. They offer a home study program, I believe.

  • Jujubee

    I live in the Seattle area, where Bastyr is. It’s very well known around here and has a lot of graduates. My midwife took some classes there, and my naturopathic doctor is a graduate of Bastyr also and she’s amazing. It’s also a great place to live!

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