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  • carolynkhoo99

    Where is she from? O.o

  • WhiteNoise627

    pimples!!!?? what pimples!!????

  • MaarijaAnna

    You are so ugly!!!! 😛

  • Fred Suero

    okay little girl, anybody is gonna look great at 15 ! talk to me in like 15 years and you have too much makeup . you are BRITISH get over yourself darling and you and mom are obsessed with japanese culture which there’s nothing wrong with that at all but brits don’t talk that , and finally you are fugly.

  • MeiMeiVL

    No, she is not British.

  • AlaanaBanana

    weenus i have acne hep mi

  • Yugiohlover991

    Lolololol how cute, some dumbass fucktard raging over someone they don’t even know 🙂 Um, she is a slut. She puts sexual titles and thumbnails on her videos. Yup! Totally not slutty! And how am I a pervert? I’m not the one who has their videos titled in a slutty, sexual way. And she acts fake all the time. Use your intelligence, if you posses any, go research about how bitchy she and her Mom are. Face it hun, insulting others for the sake of defending another doesn’t make you a better person 😉

  • hissing deep

    un dildo ._:

  • CeCexLove1

    Venus, u are beautiful ! Ignore the haters

  • SubDice

    She’s not being herself, all her videos show tips on how to be anything BUT yourself. She’s a fake person trying so hard to be from a culture (fuckin some anime weeabo shit up in there) that she’s not from.

  • Kevin Li

    when i looked at the thumbnail, then the title, i thought this was going to be a video about dildoes :P

  • ankhgirl09

    So, a skin dildo?! At least that’s my compromise on coming to this video expecting to see a girl parading around the internet with a sex toy.


    She has a video that has outed how she really was a chat she was having with her mom…Her voice is part of her image. She loves anime..And this is the doll anime look. And she is playing a part..nothing wrong with that.

  • xHardyBrotherx

    Ach das is ja was ganz neues… Wie gehts dir den so du schweizerinn?…..

  • Nikki Gunz

    does anyone notice the eerie music in the back ground

  • Nathi Bm

    it looks like a vibrator lol

  • Forevernight

    Venus your pretty even without makeup

  • augaman2011

    is that a vibrator?

  • Julissa Limon

    3:51- 4:01 xD

  • Lyric smith


  • Yugiohlover991

    Not to mention she CHANGED the titles…It’s defiantly intentional.

  • lilmanstube

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  • SweetPotBun

    Stop putting so much make up on and in some years, you wont have ugly skin $:

  • RxLetsPlay

    It just Look like a dildo !

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