My mother has high cholesterol?

What foods do she avoid? What foods do she need to eat and also do smoking and drinking have anything to do with high cholesterol. Thanks so much


  • Cholesterol comes from animals. If a food does not come from an animal (such as fruits or vegetables), then it does not have cholesterol. Foods with the highest amounts of cholesterol are eggs and liver. For example, an egg yolk has 213 mg of cholesterol.

    Other high cholesterol foods to avoid include:
    Whole-milk dairy products
    Ice cream
    Cream cheese
    Certain shellfish (such as shrimp)
    Organ meats (such as kidney and brain)
    Duck and goose (which have more cholesterol than chicken or turkey; the skin on these animals is high in cholesterol).

    High level of cholesterol conflicts with human heart and blood systems. Your mom needs to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at least until the cholesterol’s level normalizes to the normal.

  • Avoid fat is the most important thing and eat less will help a lot.

  • Sreeraman

    High Cholesterol is dangerous. Daily routine exercise and controlled diet will control it to some great extent. Tobacco contents as well as alcoholic drinks should be avoided.

  • bioticman

    there are mixed studies on this. until recently, many professional opinions have been to limit or completely take out foods high in cholesterol…but until recently, research has shown that cholesterol in foods does not actually impact your blood triglycerides. the research is so varying that its hard to know what is really true. if anything, moderation is key to health. to completely eradicate fats and eggs (for example) isn’t a good idea since fats help with the absorption of nutrients from healthy foods. i say, do your research and consult with her doctor. as for smoking and drinking….its bad for her lungs and liver so…less of that can help overall health.

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