My husband has a Low Liibido, Help! Any Natural remedies?

Hi, I am 24yo woman with a 35 yo husband. Prob is he isn’t horny, almost never. If I didn’t try raping him once in a while, he’d be happy with once a month. This is making me crazy because I have the libido of a 14 yo boy. we’ve been together 5 years, but now it is getting WORSE> I don’t want to cheat on him, or break up with, but this is a BIG deal to me. He has a good size, sex is very short but good when we do have it. He isn’t cheating, he feels like a complete loser for not being able to satisfy me! I want it 4 times a day, he wants it once a month. Any remedies to make us very happy??? (oh, I dont think he is willing to go to the doc, so viagra is out, although if I got it, I could spike his food! 🙂 )
He can achieve an erection, if he is in the mood. But about 1 min 30 sec after penetration, he either cums, or if he fights off early ejac, the it goes soft for good, and I won’t see it for a few more weeks. This is starting alot of fights, and I feel bad because I know it isn’t his fault. But I’m starting to hump chairs now, just SOOOOO sexually frustrated!
he hates it when I rape him. Its always pity sex…. which is just sad. After 5 years we have talked it to death, but he isn’t ready to go to the doc, says he’ll find something natural…. yeah…. I’m still waiting

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