My Current Acne Treatments

★★★★ PLEASE READ ME~!!! ★★★★ Hey everyone!!!! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a video on what products I am currently using for my acne. I broke out a lot and have a lot of scars left from my pregnancy acne. The skincare routine that I’ve done for years using drugstore products no longer work for my skin. I did change my toner to the SK-II about 2 months ago (I uploaded a picture of it on my instagram last time!). I will start using it again as soon as I’m done with my medications. My mom finally convinced me to go see a dermatologist. I have to be on my medications for 30 days~ and after that I will start with my new skincare routine (which I will make a video for you guys to see what products I am using). The products that were prescribed to me might work or not work for certain people. It worked for one of my friends, but didn’t work for another. I just started using these medications about four days ago, so I will keep you guys updated on my blog on how it is working for me. I hope this video is helpful for those who are suffering with acne and thinking about going to see a dermatologist! =) (I paid for my dermatologist visit) Products Mentioned : – Johnson&Johnson Purpose Gentle wash (drugstore) – Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer (sensitive skin) – Ziana gel – Doxycycline (oral medication) .00 ★ BLOG : ★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER : ★ INSTAGRAM : “Beautifymeeh” .


  • Cicily Ly

    Using neutrogena helps me depends on the person’s skin

  • tkathiee

    unnie, what do you use to get rid of the scars/blemishes?

  • ChibilogicalPwnageX3

    what moisturizer from the faceshop did you use before?

  • GodivaGems

    I’ve been on doxycycline for acne… it made me want to throw up if I didn’t eat enough food beforehand :S

  • Connie L.

    I was also on doxy. It didn’t work for me and I know because I took it for a full year. So I asked my dermatologist for something else and he prescribed sulfamethoxazole. It has worked WONDERS. If doxy doesn’t work for you and you don’t have allergies to sulfates, then def ask for sulfamethoxazole.

  • kimi315

    differin worked really well for me, maybe you could try that?

  • iyuforever16

    언니~~ what does the oral medication do?? Is it a over the counter drug??0-0

  • xImjoo

    You need a prescription from your doctor, just write down the name and bring it to your doctor and see if he/she can write you a prescription (ask them any question you have about the medication before use). I believe it’s antibacterial, targets the bacteria of the acne.

  • junemaya2010

    You should just use a natural soap..then a natural oil

  • lynn lazo

    i take the same anti-biotic and its not working

  • mewantspocky

    You are still one of the most beautful guru’s i know.

  • kissmeinmyneverland

    The antibiotic I used was very similar to the one that you mentioned – it’s called minocycline, and it worked really well while i took it (6wks) but after that, the acne started slowly coming back TT any suggestions?

  • 1bessbee

    Happy Christmas to your family

  • Julia Kim

    I’ve used Ziana for many years… it worked great for me! And like you, my skin also became very dry from that medication. I now use Tretinoin at night and Clindamycin in the morning. But I would never use these meds if I were to be pregnant or breastfeeding…

  • Hnew Sam

    you look so sad i don’t know why but cheer up onni ><

  • Angel Ti

    I wanna see your bare face~ n wearing makeup when your face has so much acne is not good at all.

  • MiissxElle

    Same here! But just a pointer I don’t know if that’s safe for someone who breastfeeds!

  • angelstern

    HI! Did you consider Retin A ? I’m thinking about trying it for my acne.

  • DJKhal21

    Id do u

  • naiomi lemmon

    I just have acne on my chin. Should I take birth control pills because some people say its hormonal

  • pinayhunii

    My derm prescribed me both meds that you’re using and thing about the oral meds is it may clear your acne up but once you go off of it, it usually comes back. That happened to me… But I hope it works for you! Having acne during and after pregnancy sucks.

  • Natalie Francisco

    Hope your skin clears up soon! You still look beautiful, I highly recommend the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask, it really helps to heal pimples/scarring and get rid of redness.

  • Lindsayluver13

    Did you go to a dermatologist or just a skin beautician? Derms have actual med degrees.. 😀

  • kafeelakhan

    OAt meal works really well for acne

  • LuseaX

    I had a lot of breakouts when i was pregnant too. It cleared up after having the baby. it will take time to clear since don’t stress out.

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