My Current Acne Treatments

★★★★ PLEASE READ ME~!!! ★★★★ Hey everyone!!!! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a video on what products I am currently using for my acne. I broke out a lot and have a lot of scars left from my pregnancy acne. The skincare routine that I’ve done for years using drugstore products no longer work for my skin. I did change my toner to the SK-II about 2 months ago (I uploaded a picture of it on my instagram last time!). I will start using it again as soon as I’m done with my medications. My mom finally convinced me to go see a dermatologist. I have to be on my medications for 30 days~ and after that I will start with my new skincare routine (which I will make a video for you guys to see what products I am using). The products that were prescribed to me might work or not work for certain people. It worked for one of my friends, but didn’t work for another. I just started using these medications about four days ago, so I will keep you guys updated on my blog on how it is working for me. I hope this video is helpful for those who are suffering with acne and thinking about going to see a dermatologist! =) (I paid for my dermatologist visit) Products Mentioned : – Johnson&Johnson Purpose Gentle wash (drugstore) – Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer (sensitive skin) – Ziana gel – Doxycycline (oral medication) .00 ★ BLOG : ★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER : ★ INSTAGRAM : “Beautifymeeh” .

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