My baby has a terrible cold/bronchiolitis??? Any natural remedies?

My poor baby has been battling a terrible cold/bronchiolitis for 4 weeks now. She has also been on a nebulizer this whole time. We’ve been using a cool mist humidifier as well. She seemed to be getting better last week, her dr said she sounded clear and said to only give her the neb when she is coughing a lot. So anyway on Friday she was running a temp of 102 so I took her to urgent care and they put her on an antibiotic. When I went to the pharmacy there were several other people there from urgent care and they were all getting the same antibiotic, my husband made a comment about them probably giving that to everybody and the pharamicst said yeah they’ve been filling prescriptions for that all day. That worries me because if it’s not bacterial there’s no point in taking the anitibiotic (not to mention they didn’t test her to see if it was viral or bacterial?!). Her immune system could become immune, then when she really needs the anitibiotic it might now work. So the whole point of this long winded story is that I want to take matters into my own hands, I need some natural remedies and some advice. Thanks!
I’m going to keep her on the antibiotic, I just want to help get the mucous out of her chest.
Listen up Gem! If you read my addtional details you would know that I have no intention of taking my daughter of the antibiotic. I post this same question in the parenting section and got a lot of useful suggestions such as sitting with her in a steamy bathroom. That’s the kind of remedies I was looking for. Maybe I should have clarified better, but you have no right to talk to anyone that way, especially a parent trying to help their child! So get off your high horse and shove it!!

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