This was a really hard video for me to film just talking about. Eventually I may end up showing you exactly what my skin looks like. But for now, here’s my acne story. Main Channel – Gaming Channel – Daily Vlog Channel – Beauty Channel – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – GOOGLE+ – Send sweet stuff to my PO Box (Info on my channel page –


  • j0hnxjxrambo

    You’re hot!

  • CynthurTV

    you’re beautiful anyway, lol eventually it will stop

  • TheWertiup

    I have the same problem. I have a lot of acne on my face and back :/

  • FrogOfWar16

    Sos I meant perv not pervasive it’s my Swedish

  • aruss717

    Gray I have the same problem. I’m 20 and I still have bad skin, but it’s better now then it was in high school. I have acne on my shoulders as well. I use cetaphil which has been really good for me and now I’m taking an anti biotic and it’s helped as well. But some days it just breaks out and there’s nothing I can do about it. And it sucks because my twin has like almost perfect skin and I have bad skin so I know how you feel 🙁

  • cheysuxx

    You and I have a lot in common. I wish we could be friends in real life cause I feel like you and I would get along so well 🙁

  • Eden Maynard

    I tried everything and got no results and was about to go on Acutane . My doctor put me on the birth control pill and my acne cleared within a month. You should give it a go.

  • DarkHorse171

    Don’t worry, Gray. I’ve had the same exact problem for the last 7 years. It’s the most aggravating thing. I think it’s karma for making fun of my older sisters when they had acne.

  • SilentSniper32


  • 1PackLoud

    The crazy thing is, there’s no concrete solution. It could be a number of things. Fast food, lack of efficient exercise, stress (from acne, etc), excessive oil on the face, your hair touching your face, not enough water, depression, touching your face too much, oil on your pillow case, etc. I think if you focus on being happy and setting goals for yourself it will help. Make a list of things that stress you out and frustrate you and work on fixing them.

  • 1PackLoud

    I know it won’t be easy but if you think positively and realize you’re performing at the best of your abilities to become a better version of yourself then it will all wok out. I’m the same age as you and Ty and I’m a guy. The main thing is to get rid of as much stress as you can and be happy. I hope this helps somewhat, i’m not good at explaining things. lol. You’re a great girlfriend to Ty and anyone would be lucky to have you. Acne honestly doesn’t matter. You’re beautiful so cheer up. 🙂

  • Christy Luu

    I started getting acne in the 4th grade too 🙁

  • Z71norcal

    Thanks for sharing. Im an 18 year old guy and my acne is super stubborn. All of my friends have clear skin and nothing is working for me either. I have tried several topical creams and antibiotic pills and I still wake up with new pimples. would you recommend the Clarisonic Mia thing?

  • love4animalz97

    I thought you were a teenager! How old are you?? You look 17 🙂

  • skater555556

    i went to dermatologist and he gave me a pill called solodyn and two creams called finacea and ziana and my face is pretty much cleaned up. took them for about 3-4 months.

  • SomeiPhoneGuy

    Come on Gray!!!

  • Matti Hopgood

    Have u tried uv light treatment ?

  • DariaDianna

    In terms of the body acne, you should try not picking the acne on your shoulders, and back. I promise if you leave it alone, and not irritate it, and don’t use any special washes or harsh scrubs, it will go away on its own over time. Also, you’re right, you should tie your hair up when you are putting conditioner, and not let it rest on your back or shoulders because it tends to clog pores.

  • brianomv

    That was a very brave video to make, especially for someone whose skin looks flawless in her videos, we would not have known if you had not shared.

  • weirdalace

    wow so except for the makeup (being that i’m a guy) it sounded like you were describing my life haha. That really surprises me since you are so pretty. I haven’t figured out a sure fix but my acne has gone way down since i started splashing a little water in my face and drying it each time i wash my hands. maybe that could work for you.

  • whateverpanda796

    So Ty doesn’t mind your acne? You should talk about what he thinks about it too.(:

  • TheOutdoorsyman1

    You are pretty don’t worry so much about yourself

  • TheOutdoorsyman1

    Some people including me have much worse acne, how do you think I feel

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