Migraine natural remedies?

I have been getting migraines for the past couple of days..not quite sure why but probably over weather changes and some other factors.
I am not a big fan of medications so I would like to know of natural alternatives that I could do or use to help relieve the migraines.

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  • Kimberly Rex, Holistic Practice

    1) Drink water. A headache can be a sign of dehydration.
    2) Get a massage to relieve stress
    3) Vitamin supplementation: B2, B6, and Evening Primrose Oil, Ginko Biloba and magnesium* *Check in with health practitioner regarding specific needs
    4) Check food allergies to MSG, caffeine, aspartame or other foods or substances. Decrease processed meats, alcohol, and aged cheese. Check for sensitivity to fragrance and environmental toxins.
    5) Use essential oil, aromatherapy and cooking with a) basil b) lavender c)peppermint
    7) If chronic,check to see if you need to work with a general detox of system * Check with health practitioner
    8) Jin Shin Jyutsu points: #16/ Hold lateral sides of ankles #6/Hold middle of the arch of the foot
    #7/ Hold the sole side of the big toes
    9) Addressing intestinal congestion: Frontal headaches are often accompanied by constipation
    10) Check alignment of neck and vertebrae with your health practitioner
    11) Acupressure points: a) Work with the webbing Betweenour thumb and index finger at the highest spot of the muscle that protudes when the thumb and index finger are brought together.
    (unless pregnant).
    b) Work on top of the foot 1 inch above the webbing of the fourth and fifth toe in the groove between the bones.
    12) Rest your head in your hands as you lean forward with elbows on a table for a few moments.
    13) Take inventory of stress levels in your life. Make space for time for self and relaxation. Get proper rest.
    14) Check for sinus infection: Work with a ginger tea, feverfew and lemon balm to open up passages. Other tea combinations: cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary or lemon balm tea.
    15) Lower the light in the room, and focus on relaxation and breath. Breathe in a slow and relaxed manner focusing on the full cycle of breath inward and the exhale. Meditation helps you relax.
    16) Cook with garlic, onions, red pepper, thyme and turmeric
    17) Keep a regular schedule for eating, transitions and rest. Incorporate exercise into your routine 3x weekly to help build endorphin relief from pain.

    Warm Regards,
    Kimberly Rex, MS

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