Mental Health?

I really feel that the time has come where I need to seek professional help. However, I don’t have insurance and I don’t know that I can afford it. Does anyone know how much these visits might cost me or any way I can go about doing this?


  • Many public health agencies, such as through your county or city, offer reduced-fee mental health care. The amount is generally determined based on need, and you may be asked to provide proof of income in order to qualify.

    If you were going to a private-pay facility, you might expect to pay around $100 per visit, in my area of the country. This is likely to be higher in some of the big cities (like NY or LA, on the coasts), and somewhat less, perhaps, in smaller towns.

    If you feel you need help, please don’t let lack of funds keep you from getting it. Many health-care providers will work with you on setting up payment plans, and in the meantime, there are many web-based support groups where membership/participation is free. Not the same as professional care, of course, but sometimes better than nothing.

    I wish you luck – your mental health and well-being is worth any price. Hope this helps.

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  • Nikki662

    There are many Clinics that will charge you by your income. Look around it might be frustrating but once you get help you’ll be glad you did

  • While mental health, like other health fields, is feeling a financial crunch, there are still many clinics available that offer free or reduced fee counseling services. Check your phone book for the local crisis line, and ask them for a referral. Or, check the yellow pages for a mental health clinic.

    You are very wise to recognize when help is needed. God bless you.

  • bear30044

    Well a visit with a therapist or doctor may cost over $100. Try your community mental health or look in the phone book. Some places use a sliding fee scale which goes by what you make.

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