Is Your Soap Messing Up Your Hormones (and causing weight gain)?


Find Out Why Certain Shampoos, Soaps, And Skin Creams Cause Wrinkles, Weight Gain, And Excess Cellulite by Hanan, Natural Beauty Consultant

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s distinctly possible you’re doing damage while trying to protect it.
In fact, many of the ‘protective’ substances you may put on your skin actually cause damage, but not only to your skin; it’s your endocrine system, or hormonal balancing system of your body that is affected.
The majority of soaps, shampoos, and skin lotions available on the market today contain ‘hormone manipulators’ that mess with your endocrine system and unbalance your hormones and lead to weight gain.
This can — and often will — result in weight gain. 
Optimal weight is a delicate hormonal balance, paired with proper food, mindset, and exercise.  Ignoring any aspect of fat loss can make your other efforts feel futile, and may have detrimental effects on your overall health. 
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