Is this alright diet for the day?!?

chicken and tomatoes 340 cals
cheese 54 cals
gluten free biscuit(not usually going to eat) 160 cals
yoghurt 100 cals
jelly 30 cals
total 650

plus lot of diet coke


  • lnknprkbabe84

    lots of diet coke not good at all, and you should eat a few more calories, also you need more fruit and veg in there. drink water, or fruit juice instead of coke

  • Diets don’t work.

    you can go on this diet , that diet etc. when you achieve your Target Weight what do you do? go back to eating the way you were.
    You should always eat sensibly and not too much of an fatty food

  • MissIndependent.

    yeah thats fine..

    altho i wouldnt drink the diet coke change it to water or something else..


  • tiggsy

    No. This diet is too low in energy (calories). It will have the effect of lowering your metabolic rate, so losing weight (i assume this is your motive) becomes more difficult.

    Diet food manufacturers make a fortune for this reason. The manufacturers are completely aware that a low calorie diet cannot work for long term weight loss, but that just makes pushing such a diet more profitable for them.

    The body is not a sophisticated machine, in fact it is quite primitive. It has programs that are designed to help it survive starvation. Which is why a very low calorie diet is counter-productive.

    I don’t know your weight, so i can’t advise the correct minimum calorie intake, but it should be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 calories a day. To raise your metabolic rate, so that you lose weight, you need to do around 40 minutes strength-building exercise at least every 3 days.

  • no its crap but you already know that and don’t deserve my advice

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