Is there a natural remedy to reconnect a floating rib?

My friend has had a respiratory infection and the doctor has said she coughed a lower rib out of its place near her spine. She is not in pain but it bothers here to think about it. Is there a natural way to re-attach the rib? Maybe some remedy out there to increase healing of the body through vitamins or minerals that work more effective for this procedure?


  • janie

    well maybe bf and c formula (bone flesh and cartilage ) might help her

    but the one sold at the link I am going to give you is not good as it is not do not buy that as it is useless. You need organic and the only place I know that sells it is linked below or it can be made fairly easily.

    You can get it here or make yourself

    Dr Christopher tells of a women in Sam Biser extended save your life manual who had a missing vertebrae from cancer that was eaten away and could not get out of bed but by using this formula as a fomentation regrew a vertebrae.

    Also tells of a young person run over by a tractor that had a crushed pelvis and use of this formula caused the bones to reknit in the correct place.

    He also tells of his own nephew who feel when the car door opened and scraped off his finger on the pavement to the knuckles till his mom could stop the car and the formula grew the fingers back nail and all and also of a lady who came up to him when he was lecturing and showed him her hand asking can he tell which was cut off at the first knuckle and he could not and she said that his formula had regrown the finger nails and all as well.

    You make a tea with it and soak a cotton cloth in it then cover with plastic and leave on night after night. If making tea in batches it must be preserved with vegetable glycerine and kept in the fridge

    It has comfrey in it which is also called knitbone and is one of the few herbs that are a cell proliferate (ie makes cells growth and multiply)

    I looked it up in his book school of natural healing and he said mix 1 ounce of herb with 1 pint of distilled water.soak 4-6 hours then simmer for 30 minutes strain and reduce liquid down to its volume (I think the word half was left out half its volume) by simmering over low heat. to retard spoilage add vegetable glycerine (get at health food store) ex-one gallon of tea simmered (not boiled) down to 2 quarts and add a pint of glycerine

    soak cotton or flannel or other natural cloth (never synthetics) then wrap cloth around the bad area cover with plastic to keep from drying out,. Leave on all night 6 nights a week week after week till it is healed.’

    Also for sever cases rink cup of finished tewa with 3/4 cup of distilled water 3 times a day

    The formula is
    6 parts oak bark
    6 parts comfrey root
    3 parts marshmallow root
    3 parts mullein herb
    3e parts walnut leaf or bark
    3 parts gravel root
    2 parts wormwood
    1 part lobelia
    1 pat skullcap

    be sure the herbs are organic or wildcrafted for best results asz these are 7-10 times the phytochemicals that heal and prevent disease

    To find them type this for any herb

    example organic bulk herbs lobelia
    organic bulk herbs comfrey root

    They sell as little as one ounce of these online or they have ready mix at the link above

    I do believe dr christopher a very spiritual man is not a quack and he healed many incurable people..while I cannot say for sure it would help this problems I feel it is the best chance out there naturally. You can use wildcrafted herbs in lieu of organic but not conventional herbs.


    I did see this at wisegreek even though they are called floating the are supposed to be connected to the spine so this is not natural as we do have floating ribs but this seems to be floating rib syndrome

    from wisegeek

    The disorder sometimes referred to as floating rib syndrome and better known as slipped rib syndrome occurs when a rib becomes dislocated, slipping out of its socket. Patients tend to experience considerable pain with this condition, which is usually a result of trauma, and it can be readily identified with a physical examination or medical imaging study of the area of interest. As with other rib injuries, the best treatment is usually partial immobilization, achieved by wrapping the ribcage tightly so that the rib cannot drift while it heals, but not so tightly that it cannot expand as the patient breathes.

    you might check with her doctor to see what he thinks of that but I would also consider the b f and c formula as a tea and fomentation.

  • No.

    There is nothing but the natural healing ability of the body to make this happen.

  • It depends. If the rib’s floating just above her head, then it’s usually possible to reach out and grab it. Otherwise, there are no remedies of which I’m aware.

  • It’s is *supposed* to float – that might make her feel better – it’s sole purpose is to protect the kidneys in the back….

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