Is there a natural remedy for HORMONAL acne on the chin?

I have significant hormonal fluctuations about 7-10 days before menses due to high androgen levels. I did some research on a dug called Spironolactone used to treat hormonal acne, but causes irregular menstural cycles & has caused tumors in lab rats. I don’t want to risk it. Is there anything NATURAL I can do to lower my androgen levels? I have a pretty good facial regimen already….my problem is obviously internal (hormonal).


  • Denis

    Chin acne is an affliction that creates its own set of issues for those suffering pimples on this part of the body and it is interesting that recent research both reinforces some of what we already know about chin acne, but also creates some new pointers to treating the problem.

    Acne on the chin is obviously like acne that affects other parts of the body in that it’s most common cause is hormonal change, which occurs throughout your life. Puberty commences the changes as sexual hormones, called androgen, are produced and these change during adolescence and into adulthood.

    Generally the changes will ‘stabilize’ at adulthood as hormone levels in the body settle down to a more regular situation and the alterations at a hormonal level to not translate into the skin care issues that result in acne conditions and so forth.

    But with chin acne, there are some other issues that you need to know about also, concerning how best to treat the condition given that acne on the chin can be more stubborn and of course are highly visible. There are therefore concealers and other skin care products that are frequently used to cover up the pimples on the chin.

    This is where the problem is for many people suffering from acne. They are using products, often heavily laden with various chemical compounds, which simply do not agree with them.

    It is vital that you ensure that whatever products you are using they are used properly and are compatible with your skin type and overall health and lifestyle factors. Some of these skin care items can not only be damaging and actually greatly worsen your chin acne condition, but can be outright dangerous for you to use.

    During the course of reviewing natural acne treatments we have looked closely at cosmetics and moisturisers that can lead to greater chin acne breakouts because make-up, for instance, can block the sebaceous pores which then leads to blackheads and to other inflammatory acne on the chin or elsewhere.

    Frequently people will overdo the use of microdermabrasion or peels that simply expose their skin, which has been rendered more delicate, to bacterial infection and greater acne infection and ‘contamination’.

    You therefore need to look at what triggers your chin acne condition and take the appropriate steps to treat it. Remembering the hormonal background to acne breakouts means you should be focusing upon an ‘internal’ treatment, ideally a natural treatment that creates less disruption and danger to your body by not introducing foreign or harmful chemicals into the body.

    Consider whether you smoke, for instance, which can greatly worsen the chin acne condition by producing more sebum (oil) and the nicotine itself can irritate the skin as well, thus creating further conditions that are ideal for acne infestation.

    There is no single cure for your acne condition and the important thing to remember is this: you need to consider your own, personal situation because everyone is different and two, you should try a natural treatment to your chin acne, or any other acne from which you suffer. Natural treatments are available and should be use.

  • bee 'assel ✿

    You could try drinking 4-5 cups of spearmint tea [or peppermint tea] at the time you are most vulnerable to an outbreak. According to Turkish studies, spearmint tea lowers androgen levels in hirsute women participating in a study. If that does not help [but give it some time] then you could try Saw palmetto extract OR the herb Agnus castus [tincture of tablets].

    Herbs often take time to work so do bare that in mind. Saw palmetto is also known to lower androgen levels. Agnus castus works in a somewhat different way, it works at the level of the pituitary gland to regulate the sex hormones, including lowering testosterone levels.

    If you are on any prescribed medications then talk to a doctor or pharmacist first before taking anything herbal…..because of a risk for herb-drug interactions.

    A chamomile and/or calendula cream applied after your cleansing regime might calm "angry" skin by way of anti-inflammatory properties. Witch-hazel extract can be used as a toner beforehand to have the same effect also and it is also antibacterial.

    Best wishes.

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